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11. Wissen Bauen 2025  
URL: /en/bibliotheken/urban-knowledge-hub/wissen-bauen-2025.html
The spatial development project Wissen Bauen 2025 started in August 2020 with the prospect of describing the State and University Library’s (Stabi) future spatial development. Its points of…  
12. Registration  
URL: /en/service/leihen-liefern/registration.html
Online application Please complete our application form before you collect your library card. To application Requirements and fees Further information on the requirements and fees for the…  
13. Department of Provenance Research/Nazi Looted Assets  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/provenance-research-department.html
The Department of Provenance Research/Nazi Looted Assets at the Stabi is responsible for identifying and recording looted books, and striving to return them to the rightful owners or their heirs. …  
14. Nazi Looted Assets  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets.html
Books owned by the victims of persecution by the Nazi regime found their way by various means into our library in the time between 1933 and 1945. During the National Socialist dictatorship between…  
15. History  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/provenance-research-department/history.html
In the decades after the war, some of the survivors who had been persecuted reclaimed their libraries. Between 1945 and 1969, eleven requests from private individuals or institutions are documented…  
16. Blog Posts and Media Reports  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/blog-posts-and-media-reports.html
English version not yet available, see German version.  
17. Professional Publications  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/professional-publications.html
Publications Cirsovius-Ratzlaff, Volker; Kesting, Maria; Preuß, Ulrike (2014): "Im Ganzen sehr erwünscht …". NS-Raubgut in der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von…  
18. Cassuto - Gutermann  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases/cassuto-gutermann.html
Date of birth: 1876 Date of birth: 1882 Date of birth: 1875  
19. Picture galleries about Hamburg's history  
URL: /en/hamburg/picture-galleries-about-hamburgs-history.html
Mühle beym Lombard (unscharf) This web page is presented in German only.  
20. Hamburg Press  
URL: /en/hamburg/profile/hamburg-press.html
Altonaer Nachrichten (unscharf) Brief overview – press You can download lists of daily and weekly Hamburg newspapers in alphabetical or chronological order. Press Bibliography An annotated bibliography of Hamburg’s press up until…  
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