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Hamburg, Carl von Ossietzky

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Get to know the profile of the Stabi in its role as the regional library of Hamburg
Rickmer Rickmers auf der Elbe in Hamburg

The Hamburg State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky (Stabi), in its role as the regional library of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, collects, stores and presents all kinds of material relating to the history and regional studies of the city and its surroundings. The library collects literature about Hamburg and its prominent people as comprehensively as possible, and has been following this tradition since being founded as a council library and academic city library back in the 15th century.

The collected literature can be researched in the Hamburg Biography and a large proportion of it is provided in the Hamburg Reading Room. A constantly updated selection of links to additional internet sources, encompassing all areas of life in the past and present, is provided for anyone with an interest in Hamburg.

"The digitized Hamburg collection" is a comprehensive digital library of reference work, books, magazines, newspapers, maps and images on Hamburg's history and regional studies. It consists of holdings of the Stabi and other libraries and is being continuously extended. Together with many other electronic resources on Hamburg (pictures, statistics, geological data, texts, newspaper extracts, inventory evidence of archives, museums, documents, etc.) these are offered in bundled form in the comprehensive regional portal "HamburgWissen Digital", and it is possible to search through them simultaneously. The portal is being continuously developed and extended.

The Stabi presents various aspects of Hamburg's cultural and academic life in exhibitions and events. The Hamburg state library's scope of duties is rounded off with a collection of legal deposit copies of all printed works, electronic publications and sound carriers published in the city. You can research these in the Katalogplus or the Sound Carrier Database.