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Wissen Bauen 2025

The Spatial Development Project for the future State and University Library Hamburg

The spatial development project Wissen Bauen 2025 started in August 2020 with the prospect of describing the State and University Library’s (Stabi) future spatial development. Its points of partition were architectural as well as functional deficits of the library’s building complex. The current structure was marked by its turbulent architectural history and temporary as well as provisional solutions. Against this backdrop, the project Wissen Bauen 2025 was implemented in order to develop a sustainable spatial development plan for the library, disregarding the current conditions. The project’s main aim was the creation of a space allocation plan, including a functional scheme, with its baseline being a four-pillar sustainability framework as well as the principles of Universal Design. Furthermore, the ideas and needs of different stakeholders as well as best practice concepts from other libraries were supposed to shape the outcome. Therefore, the project design was inspired by the principles of Open Social Innovation.

Since the project was conducted with and for a German public, most outputs can be retrieved on this Website in German. However, the project team has translated the two most important documents: A summary of the project report as well as a summary of the new spatial concept.

Project Report
The New Spatial Concept



Miriam Green

Coordinator Development Projects
E-Mail: miriammarie.green@sub.uni-hamburg.de
Telefon: +49 40/42838-5696

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