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Hamburg, Carl von Ossietzky

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Hamburg Bibliography

The Hamburg bibliography documents all the literature, whether printed or electronic, relating to Hamburg and Hamburg personalities
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The Hamburg Bibliography documents the following for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg:

1 all literature relating to Hamburg and its prominent people:

  • books, magazines and series, maps and atlases, essays from magazines and anthologies, newspaper articles (1992-2004 only)
  • on all areas of life and subject areas
  • from the past and present
  • in full for the publication years 1938-1980 and from 1992; literature from the years 1981-1991 and before 1938 is being added continuously.

2 short biographies and biographical data of Hamburg's public figures.

Almost all of the referenced literature is available in Hamburg's libraries. You can research literature on neighbouring states in the regional bibliographies of Schleswig Holstein and Lower Saxony, as well as literature on the Elbe in the regional bibliographies of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt and Saxony.

Beyond the state boundaries, the Virtuelle Deutsche Landesbibliographie – a meta catalogue of all German regional bibliographies – offers the possibility of Germany-wide, subject-specific research. From the website of VDL, you can also access the individual regional bibliographies of all states. Information about the regional libraries responsible for the individual states can be found there.


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