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Please log in online to obtain a library card for the University of Hamburg library system


The University of Hamburg library system comprises the following libraries:

  • State and University Library
  • University's specialist libraries
  • Central Medical Library

What do you need?

A German ID card or EU ID card (alternatively: passport or electronically readable driving licence, in each case with address confirmation by the residents' registration office via a place of residence in Germany if a German address is not shown in the ID card/passport) and, if necessary, temporary resident permit / residence permit

For free or reduced cards

  • Student or school ID card
  • For ages 14–17 inclusive, the supplementary sheet for the application
  • Certificate of appointment/employment contract from the Uni HH
  • Certificate of appointment/employment contract from a university in the state of Hamburg, proof of a special reason for reduction, e.g. in receipt of state benefits under SGB II (ALGII) and SGB XII, employed as an apprentice, participation in state voluntary service or in voluntary year

Please provide us with all documents in the original (ID, passports, etc.).

Online application

Please complete our application form before you collect your library card. To application

Requirements and fees

Further information on the requirements and fees for the library card.


Some users require special forms: