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Hamburg, Carl von Ossietzky

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The Stabi, in its role as the regional library of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, collects, stores and presents all kinds of material relating to the history and regional studies of the city and its surroundings.
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Get to know the profile of the Stabi in its role as the regional library of Hamburg. You will receive comprehensive information about our Hamburg services.

Logo Hamburg Bibliography
Hamburg Bibliography

The Hamburg bibliography documents all the literature, whether printed or electronic, relating to Hamburg and Hamburg personalities. It includes books, journals and series, maps and atlases, papers and journal articles.

Logo Hamburg links collection
Hamburg links collection

The Hamburg link collection comprises around 850 important internet sources on Hamburg relating both to the past and present day, on all topics and spheres of life. Here you will find institutions from politics, academia, society and culture, as well as subject-related websites.

Historical view of Hamburg
Picture galleries about Hamburg's history

A historical stroll to the Alster or to the harbour, portrait galleries, biographies of famous Hamburg residents like Wolfgang Borchert, Klopstock, Jungius or Hasse; all the Bergedorf blogs; lots of news – browse through our big Hamburg showcase!