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Hamburg Press

Information about early Hamburg newspapers and periodicals

Hamburg newspapers 1700

  • 17th century

    • Hamburg – including the neighbouring Altona – was and still is one of Germany's press metropolises. At the most important news exchange hub in northern Germany, many long-continued newspapers were founded as early as the 17th century:

      • Thomas von Wierings Relations-Courier (published since 1673)
      • der (Altonaische) Reichs-Post-Reuter (published 1699-1789)
      • der Altonaische Mercurius (1698-1838)
  • 18th century

    • One of Germany's most important political newspapers came along in the 18th century. Around 1800, it was perhaps the most widely read newspaper in the whole of Europe:

      • die Staats- und gelehrte Zeitung des Hamburgischen unpartheyischen Correspondenten (first in Schiffbek, 1712-1934)

      In total, around a thousand periodicals were founded in the Hanseatic City up to 1815, many of which are available in the State Library. These include:

      • the Hamburgischen Adress-Comtoir-Nachrichten (1767-1846)
      • the Altonaer Adress-Comtoir-Nachrichten (1773-1855)] as thriving news and advertising papers (“Intelligenzblätter”)
      • the significant Hamburg moral weeklies
      • the scientific and popular enlightenment periodicals
      • the Wandsbeker Bothe published by Matthias Claudius between 1771 and 1775 in Wandsbek, which was still part of Holstein at the time
  • 19th century / early 20th century

    • The major newspapers of the 19th and early 20th centuries are representative examples of the mass-circulation press and the entire political spectrum at the time:

      • the Hamburger Nachrichten (published under this title 1849-1939, with predecessors since 1792)
      • the Börsen-Halle (independent 1805-1904)
      • the Hamburger Fremdenblatt (1863-1944)
      • the Hamburg-Altonaer Volksblatt, later as Hamburger Echo (1875-1933, 1946-1966)
      • the Altonaer Nachrichten (1856-1922)
      • the General-Anzeiger für Hamburg-Altona (later as Hamburger Anzeiger, 1888-1945, 1952-1957)
      • the Norddeutschen Nachrichten with various additional editions (1879-1943, 1948-1973)
      • the Hamburger Tageblatt (1931-1944)
      • the Hamburger Zeitung (1944-1945)

      Although almost all of the Hamburg newspapers and magazines held by the State Library were destroyed by fire in 1943, some representative holdings could be re-acquired for many of the titles after the World War. Many of the originals have been replaced or supplemented with microfilms.

  • Post 1945

    • The press after 1945 is available as an entire legal deposit collection. It includes the following, among other things:

      • the daily newspapers Bild / Hamburg-Ausgabe, Die Welt (Hamburg), Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburger Morgenpost, Die Tageszeitung / Hamburger Ausgabe, Harburger Anzeigen und Nachrichten, Bergedorfer Zeitung
      • weekly newspapers such as Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Die Woche, Stern, Welt am Sonntag / Ausgabe Hamburg, Bild am Sonntag, (Deutsches Allgemeines) Sonntagsblatt und Hamburger Rundschau
      • a diverse collection of professional journals and general-interest magazines of all kinds, illustrated magazines, programme guides, local newspapers, advertising journals and district newspapers that were published in Hamburg.

      The entire press holdings of the State Library are referenced in the Katalogplus.

      Six very different newspapers from Hamburg and Altona are displayed and full-text searchable in the Europeana.

      Hamburg newspapers

Brief overview – press

You can download lists of daily and weekly Hamburg newspapers in alphabetical or chronological order.

Brief overview – alphabetical order Brief overview – chronological order

Press Bibliography

An annotated bibliography of Hamburg’s press up until 1815 can be found in the compendium Deutsche Presse: biobibliographische Handbücher zur Geschichte der deutschsprachigen periodischen Presse ... / Holger Böning, Bd. 1,1-1,3 and 2 (Location: Hamburg-Collection in the Reading Room of the SUB: HH 5204/1 and HH 9166/2)