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Hamburg, Carl von Ossietzky

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Service 'Hamburg'

The Stabi comprehensively collects, develops and archives the available literature on Hamburg and its surroundings

At the moment, personal research advice cannot be offered at our information desk in reading room 1. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if you have any questions or requests:

Hamburg-Collection, reading room 1
Tel. 040-42838-5860
Mail: landesbibliothek@sub.uni-hamburg.de


Reference library (more than 13,000 volumes) with literature on the regional history and regional studies for various subjects on all areas of life relating to the city of Hamburg and its surroundings (e.g. history, culture, administration, economy). For a portion of the collection, the library owns second copies, which can be loaned out.


The books cannot be loaned out. The information desk in the Hamburg Reading Room can provide you with further information and advice during your search.


The Hamburg literature held by the State Library (books and magazines) can be researched via the GVK (Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog) and the Hamburg Bibliography. In addition, the Hamburg Bibliography contains all Hamburg-related essays from magazines and anthologies, as well as a selection of newspaper articles, from 1992 onwards. For the period prior to 1992, the holdings are being updated gradually. Hamburg literature published in the years 1900 to 1991 can also be found in “Bücherkunde zur hamburgischen Geschichte” in the Hamburg Reading Room (shelf-mark: HH 2604/1) and in the Reading Room 3 (shelf-mark: B Reg 306).


Die Hamburg-Sammlung im Lesesaal

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