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Urban Knowledge Hubs for the Baltic Sea Region

Transnational Collaboration Promoting the Spatial Development of Libraries

The State and University Library Hamburg (Stabi) developed a new spatial concept for its library from summer 2020 until autumn 2022. Within the spatial development project Wissen Bauen 2025 an open dialogue between different stakeholders was fostered. This approach was inspired by the principles of Open Social Innovation.


The final result of this project is a spatial concept, describing the future Stabi as an Urban Knowledge Hub. The Urban Knowledge Hub enhances the library’s function, while taking the ongoing societal and cultural diversification as well as digitalization processes into account. It defines four spatial levels:

  • On a macro level, it provides access to global information and knowledge networks, which are crucial to academia and knowledge based societies as a whole,
  • on a meso level, it serves the city and its metropolitan region as a hub for networking and transfer of knowledge, open for academia and all citizens,
  • on an institutional level, it supplies functional spaces for the library’s future viability,
  • and on an individual level, it constitutes a learning and working space for a variety of users as well as a venue for scientific, social and cultural engagement.

For the purpose of developing this idea in an international context, the Stabi wants to collaborate with partners from the Baltic Sea Region in order to apply for EU funding within the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. The deadlines for this application process are set for January 2023, which means the project idea and the partnerships need to be defined as soon as possible. We will keep you posted, as soon as there are any updates on this process.

For further information or inquiries on possible collaborations do not hesitate to contact our project manager Miriam Green.


Miriam Green

Koordination Entwicklungsprojekte
Coordinator Development Projects
E-Mail: miriammarie.green@sub.uni-hamburg.de
Telefon: +49 40/42838-5696

Foto von Miriam Green