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Hamburg, Carl von Ossietzky

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21. Hamburg links collection  
URL: /en/hamburg/hamburg-links-collection.html
Die Elbe in Hamburg (unscharf) The Hamburg links collection includes many institutions that offer you information relating to Hamburg, such as archives, museums, history workshops, clubs, associations, building cooperatives and…  
22. Unsolved Cases  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases.html
In many cases we are still lacking crucial information on the biographies of the rightful owners. Find a list below of our unsolved research cases. Books in our stocks that have been classified as…  
23. Aldinger - Bucky  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases/aldinger-bucky.html
Date of birth: 1902 Date of birth: 1894 Date of birth: 1882  
24. Mainzer - Rüttgers  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases/mainzer-ruettgers.html
Date of birth: 1924 Date of birth: 1925 Date of birth: 1887 Date of birth: 1897 Date of birth: 1866 Date of birth: 1896  
25. Saltzman - Zubarth  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases/saltzman-zubarth.html
Date of birth: 1934  
26. Hahn - Jungmann  
URL: /en/sammlungen/nazi-looted-assets/unsolved-cases/hahn-jungmann.html
Date of birth: 1896  
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