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Transformations: Region, Culture, Society

Availability: Frei zugänglich
Fulltext available since: (2000)
Publisher: Central Queensland University, School of Humanities
ZDB-ID: 2106380-1
E-ISSN(s): 1444-3775
Appearance: Volltext, nur online
Costs: kostenlos
Comment: Transformations is a fully refereed electronic journal about social and cultural change from the perspective of regions, edges, boundaries and frontiers. A region can be characterised as a space of multiplicities, greater than, and hence excessive to, the centres found within it. Regionality could therefore be defined as a site of boundaries, margins, peripheries, and frontiers, with contingent and transversal relations to any 'core' centre. A region may sometimes be as broad as the Asia Pacific, at other times as small as a country town in Central Queensland or midwest USA. Metropolitan areas also have their regions, boundaries and frontiers opening out and interconnecting with other sites, domains, temporalities and historical perspectives. In an era of accelerating concentration and increasingly unequal distribution of economic, social, cultural and informational resources, the region has become an important site of interaction and interconnection with the globalised world. We encourage writing that explores and redefines regionality, drawing out hidden contours and perspectives, and proposing new ways of relating to the rapidly changing world. Transformations will publish writing that seeks to identify, describe, explore and critique the manifold processes of change at work in specific regional and globalised sites, texts, discourses and contemporary and historical contexts.

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