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Science Watch (ältere Jahrgänge)

Availability: Frei zugänglich
Fulltext available since: Volume 8 (1997)
Moving Wall: Not the current 12 months
Publisher: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
ZDB-ID: 2065518-6
P-ISSN(s): 1047-8043
Appearance: Volltext, Online und Druckausgabe
Costs: kostenlos
Comment: Enthält Besprechungen der meistzitierten Artikel und Interviews mit den meistzitierten Autoren. The free online editions of Science Watch that are available at http://www.sciencewatch.com are always dated one year behind the current date. Only paid subscribers of Science Watch receive the current editions. Science Watch is delivered in print by traditional mail. In addition, the accompanying Hot Papers data (with a custom Windows-based interface) are delivered on a CD-ROM. Also included is a web browser version of Science Watch that contains the current edition, full back issues to September 1997 and every Science Watch interview has ever published.

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