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Öffnungszeiten heute11.00 bis 20.00 Uhr alle Öffnungszeiten CoVid-19 / Serviceinformation


FAQ CoVid 19

  • Wie sind die Öffnungszeiten zum Jahreswechsel in den Bibliotheken?

  • Does the library (Stabi) already have normal opening hours again?

    • No. At the moment most of the building is largely open to the public again. However, the conditions of use are still restricted. The legal basis is the Ordinance on Containing the Spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

      Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 12 a.m.-6 p.m.

      • Admission requirement is a valid library card.
      • The opening serves to borrow items from the self-service area, the textbook collection and to pick up ordered or reserved media.
      • Book return is also possible - for this purpose additional times Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. -8 p.m. have been arranged.
      • Learning/working is possible again: in the reading room with reservation  of a time slot or without reservation in the Information Centre, the group work area and the MediaLab.
        (Limited space, access only as long as baskets are available)
      • All details about the opening and the services offered can be found in the blog.

      Still excluded from the service:

      • PC workstations
      • Printing/copying (return of the CopyCards at the machine in the foyer is possible)
  • How can I use the Stabi digitally?

    • Members of the UHH, i.e. staff and students, can use full-text access via the VPN Client directly in the campus network. Alternatively, it is possible to log in with a valid library card without a VPN client.

      For our other users who do not have remote access, we offer a virtual walk-in service: If you have a valid library card or an email account of a state university or of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, you can order individual ebooks or e-articles via our e-media delivery service.

      Simply check in the Catalogueplus whether we have licensed the e-resource you are looking for and fill in the form.

  • Which workstations / technical equipment are available?

      • Individual workstations for learning and exam preparation:

        • 100 with reservation of a time slot in the reading room
        • 100 without reservation in the Information Centre, group work area, MediaLab

      • Research PC

        • 1 in the reading room (reservation for use of reading room necessary)
        • 1 in the lending centre (at the return shelf, for checking the library account)

      • E-media with single-user licence

        • 1 in the reading room (reservation for use of reading room necessary

      • Overhead scanner for Stabi items

        • 1 in the reading room (reservation for use of reading room necessary and only for reading room media)
        • 1 in the MediaLab


  • How can I use other libraries at Universität Hamburg?

    • Please note that in the course of CoVid-19 containment, access to buildings of the University of Hamburg is currently only possible for members of the University. The on-site services of the departmental libraries are therefore only available to students and staff of the University.
      Many department libraries participate in our Campus Delivery Service. Thereby students and faculty can order articles and single book chapters at the usual conditions.

      Most of the departmental libraries are currently expanding their services in close cooperation with the SUB and the University's Occupational Safety Staff Unit.
      We have compiled the type and scope of the respective services in a current overview.
      Since most of the buildings are only accessible to students and staff of the UHH and the UKE, the return of books borrowed in the departmental libraries will be possible for external users centrally in the Stabi from 12.5.2020. Please note: it is not possible to reborrow books here!


  • My library card has to be renewed soon. Can you renew it online?

    • Yes and no.

      All library cards whose validity ended between 13.3. and 30.4.2020 were automatically renewed for another 60 days. If your ID card has already expired before 13.3.2020, please send an email to ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de


  • I have a question about my loans / my library card

    • If your question has not been answered in our FAQ, you can reach our lending centre Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. -4 p.m. Please contact ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de.


  • I do not have a library card

    • The following persons can apply for a library card online, which will then be sent by post:

      • Students of public universities in Germany
      • Employees of Hamburg's state universities
      • Persons with scientific interests from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (including members of private universities, no legal entities)

      Please register using the online form and then contact us by email: ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de. trum@sub.uni-hamburg.de. Please attach a copy of the documents mentioned in the registration form. Then you will receive further information.

  • How can I use materials restricted to the reading room as well as reference collections and workstations in the reading room?

    • Start by booking a workstation in the reading room using the reservation form. You can book a maximum of one time slot per day. If you wish to order books and periodicals for reading room use only, please order them via the Katalogplus at least three days before your booking date .The volumes are available for 14 days for your first use. Microforms and CDs / DVDs are excluded until further notice. The reading room's subject holdings and the journals section are freely accessible. Orders which require reading room use as well as current newspapers and journals can be obtained at the book issue in the reading room service area. In addition to a range of workstations adapted to the distance regulations, 1 book scanner, 1 research PC and 1 PC for e-media with a single-user licence are available.

      On site you will receive information on the use of the media and reading room. For catalogue advice and other questions, please contact auskunft@sub.uni-hamburg.de. Questions about home lending and about library cards should be directed to ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de.

      Please note that it is not possible to borrow reading room materials. Reproduction orders are also not accepted in the reading room. Internet workstations, microform scanners and book trolleys are also not available until further notice.


  • Can I still order and borrow printed books?

    • The order function in the Catalogueplus is activated and limited opening hours are offered for lending. The open access holdings from the self-service area is also be accessible.

      Media that have already been ordered will remain in storage until re-opening on 27.4. and can then be picked up and borrowed within 7 working days.

  • I am a staff member of UHH and urgently need printed literature from the Stabi

    • Staff members of Hamburg University can order articles and excerpts from books via the Campus Delivery Service and have them delivered to their stored email address. Please note deliveries from the storage library are possible from 1 May. As it is not possible to deliver regularly from all participating specialist libraries, delays in delivery may therefore occur. Lendable books from the holdings of the SUB can also be ordered by staff of Hamburg University via the Campus Delivery Service and delivered to the University office address. In this case, please enter the term "Lending" in the "Pages" field. Before ordering, please make sure that the postal University office address in your user account is correct and complete. Otherwise, please contact us once before ordering: ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de

      Before ordering a book or an article, please check whether an electronic version is available. However, members of the UHH still have full-text access to more than 1 million current ebooks and over 73,000 digital journals and newspapers. Use the VPN access, search in the Catalogueplus and find important literature directly online.



  • I am a student of UHH and urgently need a printed article from the Stabi

    • UHH students can order articles and excerpts from books via the Campus Delivery Service and have them delivered to the email address stored in their library account. First log in to the Catalogueplus ("-> Register") and then search the literature. You can only order articles from media where the Campus Delivery Service icon is displayed. When clicking on the icon, an order form will open where you have to fill in all the marked fields. If you need several articles from a book or journal, please place separate orders for each article.

  • I am a staff member or student of another Hamburg university and urgently need literature from the Stabi

    • Remote access has now been temporarily activated for non-members of the UHH, i.e. for members of other Hamburg universities who already have a library card.

      If you do not yet have a library card, please register as usual using the online form and then send an email to:  ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de . From there you will receive further information.

  • I need to order an interlibrary loan

    • Since 15.04.2020 the Interlibrary Loan Service offers the article delivery service "COVID-19 emergency operation".
      Copies of articles are sent to you exclusively electronically by email with a download link. (This interim arrangement with VG Wort is valid until 31.05.2020).
      Not all libraries participate, therefore delivery is restricted.
      During emergency operation we suspend the interlibrary loan fee. If you already have interlibrary loan coupons, you can use them for your orders unlimitedly. If you do not yet have interlibrary loan coupons, please contact us briefly at fernleihe@sub.uni-hamburg.de so that we can mail you the authentication data you need for interlibrary loan requests. 



  • Can I use the document delivery service subito to obtain literature?

    • Deliveries can again be made via subito:

      • journal articles to customers worldwide
      • Books to customers in Germany (also partial copies)
  • Can I return borrowed media?

    • Yes.

      If you only want to return borrowed media and do not need to borrow new media (or renew them), the Mon-Fri from 10-20 hrs is possible. A library card is not necessary. Walk past the queue and inform the security staff at the entrance that this is only a return.

  • I have received a reminder / return request, but now the library is closed

    • Since Mon, 27.4. the library is open for lending and returning books on weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 12-18 o'clock.

      If the loan period of your borrowed media ended before 13.3.2020, please contact us by email, as the suspension of reminders and calculation of late fees will only apply from 14.3.2020. Please do not forget to mention your library card number in your mail.

      Email: ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de

  • I cannot renew the loan period any more, because the period has already expired / the period has already been renewed 3 times


      If the loan period has not yet expired and 3 extensions have not yet been activated: good!

      Please use the online renewal option in your library account.

      If you have missed a return deadline after 13.3.2020, no late fees will accrue. Lending is suspended until we can reopen the library. If you have any questions, please call 040 42838 5809 or send an email with your library card number to: ausleihzentrum@sub.uni-hamburg.de




  • Can I view the holdings of the Special Collections in the Manuscript Reading Room?

    • The Manuscript Reading Room has been open again with restrictions since Mo, 8.6. Please contact handls@sub.uni-hamburg.de for the provision of special materials and to reserve a seat.

  • How can I obtain a reproduction from the holdings of the special collections?

    • Please send your request by email to the Manuscript Reading Room: handls@sub.uni-hamburg.de.

      The Special Collection specialists will decide promptly whether a reproduction is possible and contact you. Please note that reproductions can currently take a little longer to produce.

  • Where can I hand in my dissertation?

    • At the moment it is only possible to hand in dissertations by post and no longer in person.
      Please send the required copies to:

      Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg
      Von-Melle-Park 3
      20146 Hamburg

      Please address questions regarding your dissertation submission by e-mail to:

  • What shall I do with my CopyCard?

    • Konica-Minolta CopyCards can be returned by mail. Please use the website set up for this purpose.

      Due to the change of operator these CopyCards lose their function. A new service concept for the print and copy service in the Stabi and the departmental libraries has been suspended for the time being due to the digital semester.

  • I have another question

    • For general information on the temporary closure of the library, organisational questions or literature requests, please contact us by mail or phone. We are available Mon-Fri from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.:

      Email: auskunft@sub.uni-hamburg.de     Phone: 040 42838-2233