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Medieval Archaeology (-2006)

Availability: Freely accessible
Fulltext available since: Volume 1 (1957)
Fulltext available until: Volume 50 (2006)
Publisher: Society for Medieval Archaeology; The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
ZDB-ID: 2136221-X
Subject(s): Archaeology, History
E-ISSN(s): 1745-817X
P-ISSN(s): 0076-6097
Appearance: retrospectively digitized
Costs: free of charge
Comment: In celebration of the Society for Medieval Archaeology's 50th anniversary the first fifty volumes of Medieval Archaeology have been made available in digital form. The project comprises two parts; the digitised articles have been uploaded without the corresponding plates and copyrighted images, the images are to be uploaded separately in 2008.
Print Available:
(Source: ZDB)
  • Titel: Medieval archaeology
  • Inventory: 1.1957(1958) -
  • Signature: X/18761
  • Location: Hamburg SUB // Standortsignatur: Einzelsignatur
  • Titel: Medieval archaeology
  • Inventory: - Index 1.1957/61 - 46/50.2002/2006(2007)
  • Signature: X/18761
  • Location: Hamburg SUB
  • Titel: Medieval archaeology
  • Inventory: 1.1957(1958) - 45.2001
  • Signature: VFG-141/4
  • Location: Hamburg Kulturwissenschaften

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