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Acta Agriculturae Slovenica

Availability: Freely accessible
Fulltext available since: Volume 72 (1998)
Publisher: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Agronomy and Zootechnical Department ; De Gruyter Open
ZDB-ID: 2195131-7
Subject(s): Agriculture, Forestry etc.
E-ISSN(s): 1854-1941
P-ISSN(s): 1581-9175
Appearance: Fulltext, online and print
Costs: free of charge
Comment: Acta agriculturae Slovenica previously: Research Reports Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana. Agriculture and Research Reports Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana. Agriculture. Zootechny has two volumes per year, each in two issues. Odd-numbered volumes are dedicated to plant production but the even-numbered volumes to contents of animal production. Volltext nur für 'animal production' ab 72.1998 (gerade Vol.-Zählung) (Stand: April 2005)

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