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Exhibitionist, The : journal on exhibition making

Availability: Freely accessible
Fulltext available since: H. 1 (2010)
Fulltext available until: H. 12 (2016)
Publisher: Office for Curatorial Wonders, New York
Subject(s): Art History, Nature of Science, Research, Systems of Higher Education, Museum science
P-ISSN(s): 2038-0984
Appearance: Fulltext, online and print
Costs: free of charge
Comment: freie PDFs aufrufbar
Print Available:
(Source: ZDB)
  • Titel: The exhibitionist
  • Inventory: 10.2014
  • Signature: Y 17
  • Location: Hamburg HfBK // 18/26
  • Titel: The exhibitionist
  • Inventory: 11.2015-
  • Signature: KGS-Z 118
  • Location: Hamburg Kulturwissenschaften

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