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Archaeological Report (Egypt Exploration Fund) (via JSTOR)

Availability: Accessible on campus and for members of the University also externally
Licensed Period: (1892) - (1912)   ReadMe
Fulltext: http://emedien3.sub.uni-hamburg.de/ezb/start?ezbid=212754&title=Archae
Fulltext available since: (1892)
Fulltext available until: (1912)
Publisher: Egypt Exploration Fund ; JSTOR
ZDB-ID: 2757228-6
Subject(s): Archaeology
E-ISSN(s): 2195-9285
P-ISSN(s): 1754-3983
Appearance: retrospectively digitized
Costs: subject to fee
Comment: Continued by The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
Print Available:
(Source: ZDB)
  • Titel: Archaeological report
  • Inventory: 1894/95; 1899/1900 - 1908/09
  • Signature: Einzelsignatur
  • Location: Hamburg SUB
  • Titel: Archaeological report
  • Inventory: 1904 - 1909
  • Signature: ÄGY-Z ARp
  • Location: Hamburg Kulturwissenschaften
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